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The HEA Committee is made up of members who take time out of their own businesses to work with show organisers and the press to give a collective voice for horticultural exhibitors.

The HEA consists of exhibitors, ex-exhibitors, associates and honorary members - find out more here
The Committee organises events and seminars to help draw on the expertise of professionals in horticultural, and associated industries. These events are designed for members but open to all - find out more here.
      Sarah Clare
All initial contact with the HEA should be made through the HEA Secretary,
Sarah Clare, at the following email address:


However, if you would like to discuss any matter with a particular Committee member, email contact details are available by clicking on the name of the person you wish to speak to:

Richard Godard-Key
Richard Godard-Key
David Ross
David Ross
Vice President
Neil Kenney
Neil Kenney

In addition to contacting us via email, we endeavour to have at least one HEA Committee Member available to answer your queries at all the major shows during the year - find out more here

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