Letter from Cath Sanderson
To all HEA members urging action
27th November 2013
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You are probably aware that some new legislation might be passed by the EU that will affect many of us that grow or sell plants in this country. The deadline for you to stop this happening is fast approaching, December 4th.
If this legislation is passed then the range of plants that we are legally allowed to sell will rapidly diminish. All plants will be required to have a formal, detailed description that has been filed. This currently costs hundreds of pounds and that is why most of the plants already complying with this regulation as those with PBR's. These are plants generally sold in large quantities and making enough money to enable this extra cost to be covered.
Most of us exhibiting at the shows and also selling our plants through other outlets are selling smaller quantities of more unusual plants. Who among us is going to have the money or time to spend compiling the documentation that will be needed to allow us to continue to sell our plants?

We all need to act to stop this legislation being passed. Please write to your MEP and any other bodies that you think can help to stop legislation being passed that will strike at the heart of horticulture in this country as you know it.

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of us all in the HEA, to thank Sue Beesley for her generosity in allowing us all to share her letter and other research especially as time is of the essence - see Sue's note below.

Don't sit there and think you can't make a difference. ACT NOW TO PROTECT YOUR FUTURE.

Cath Sanderson
HEA Chair

Note from Sue
A real threat to the UK nursery industry.
You may have read in the press about a proposed EU regulation which, if passed, will limit the trade in ornamental plants to only those for which a formal, detailed description has been filed, (this is currently only required for plants subject to a Plant Breeder's Rights licence).

If passed, this law would mean I would have to stop selling around 80% of my plants, until someone, somewhere writes, submits and pays for the approval and filing of the description. My nursery and most nurseries in the UK would face the choice of drastically reducing their stock, closing down for lack of viability or continuing to trade 'under the radar'.

I have written to my MEP, Chris Davies, and will send it to other MEPs on the committee. The debate is on the 4th December and I urge you to contact your MEP by this weekend to register your own objection. My letter is linked here. Feel free to cut and paste any paragraphs which you think might help express your own objections.

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