Letter from Chris Ireland-Jones
2nd December 2013
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    Dear Sir / Madam,

I own a small nursery employing 6 full time staff and seasonally 4 more when we are busy packing orders. We sell many dormant bulbs, some of which are available more widely but operating as a ‘niche’ business we have a specialisation in Galanthus (Snowdrops). We currently sell more than 100 varieties of Galanthus in very small numbers – generally only 50-60 of any form to enthusiasts all over Europe. As far as I understand it the application for, management of and costs resulting in the registering of each of these varieties (and any more that are in the pipeline for sale in future years), in the light of these low sales will be a burdensome and bureaucratic nightmare that will do nothing for the reputation of the European legislators.

There are very few other nurseries doing such work with Galanthus so the onus here would fall to us, but there will be many hundreds which have a different specialism or niche in some other Genus that is distinct and unique - apparently we will all be falling foul of the plans that are outlined in the proposition that all plant reproductive material should now be registered.

This is ill thought out, a massive undertaking which cannot be policed and will undoubtedly (if passed) adversely affect the fortunes of many small, independent, rurally based small businesses throughout Europe. This alone ought to be a huge concern to you, let alone the resultant effects on bio diversity and gene pools.

Please reconsider this plan and taking account of the views of many such as ourselves reject the proposal


Chris Ireland-Jones,
Avon Bulbs
Burnt House Farm
Mid Lambrook
South Petherton
TA13 5HE
01460 242177

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