Reply from Stuart Agnew MEP
To the letters received on the subject
3rd December 2013
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    Dear Mr Ireland-Jones

Thank you for your email dated 2nd December 2013.

Every few years the EU undertakes to interfere in a certain area that impacts heavily on the lives of a segment of the British society that hitherto had perceived the EU to be a ‘good thing’. It is now the turn of amateur gardeners to feel the full force of the EU’s destructive legislative machine. They will learn first-hand about how our country is being governed by the unelected European Commission and most of them will be angered.

The Englishman's home is his castle and this extends to his garden. Foreign invaders are distinctly unwelcome and can expect severe resistance. You may wonder why the EU seeks to exercise its authority in this area when there has been no major scandal to precipitate a demand for new legislation. The answer lies in the fundamental cultural difference between Britain and most of Europe. In our country, we know that we can partake in any activity provided it is not against the law. In Europe the opposite is the case i.e. you can only undertake activities that are permitted. Someone, therefore, has to examine all activities and decide whether to permit them or not.

This task falls to the unelected European Commission which employs many thousands of bureaucrats devoted to regulating every aspect of our lives. You had no opportunity to elect any of these individuals and you have no opportunity to dismiss them. Your only involvement is to pay their salaries through your taxes. The Commission is the only institution in the EU that has the power to initiate legislation. This means they set the agenda and we as MEPs can only amend something that we feel should never have arisen in the first place.

Again you may wonder ‘why don't the MEPs vote against the whole idea?’. The answer is simple. There is a great reluctance by the smaller and eastern states to upset the Commission. These countries are net recipients of the EU budget and want the money to keep coming. If the price of this is a few more regulations, then what the hell? They won't enforce them anyway. Systemic corruption will see to that. So, we shall see this ludicrous legislation on seeds pushed through with some amendments.

Naturally, as a UKIP MEP, I will speak against this legislation (I have already done so in Committee) and I will vote against it. However, although there may be considerable watering down (as a cynic I would say that the Commission puts a bit of froth on top to give the MEPs the satisfaction of removing it), the essence will prevail and the Commission can add to it at a later date.

I hope this issue is raised time and time again on ‘Gardeners Question Time’ and that the panellists are forced to condemn the EU, something that will put the very pro-EU BBC into a real dilemma.

I am so sorry that your life and that of many others are about to be spoiled by this imminent legislation. However, EU membership is not mandatory and we can vote our way out of it, if enough of our population are motivated to do so.

Stuart Agnew MEP

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