EU Directive 2013/0137
Plant reproductive material: production and making available on the market
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On the face of it, this proposal to consolidate a number of directives into a single ruling seems a sensible move. However, there are a number of major ambiguities in the wording, which are cause for concern among many in the horticulture business.

The proposal includes the formation of national and EU centralised registers of all varieties of plant. Only registered varieties can be legally sold, which means any new plant will need to be registered before it can be sold and this could cost several hundreds of pounds per registration. Not only would the cost be prohibitive to small, independent nurseries, there is the risk the registration process would be lengthy and any advantage to being the first to introduce a new variety could be lost.

It is the view of the HEA, and its members, that this proposal will seriously undermine the diversity of plant varieties currently available. It will discourage the development of new, and improved, cultivars and effectively put the future of our horticultural industry under threat. Consumers' will be left with a much reduced range of plants they can purchase within the EU.

A full summary of the proposal can be found on the EU legislative website

The links below include correspondence between various HEA members and MEPs on the subject. Most of the replies were copied to individuals, so rather than list duplicate letters, they have been linked chronologically with a note to who else received the same replies.
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