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Part of the work of the HEA is to support members with initiatives designed to address issues they are facing.
These issues vary but where there is common ground across the membership, the HEA has acted - see some of the more recent events below.

The Best Practice Guide is essential reading for anyone about to embark on show exhibiting - contact us for a copy.


Skills Directory
This initiative is looking to create a database of members skills and provide a point of contact for anyone looking for help in a specific area. Obviously, we all have our specialisms, linked to the field of horticulture. However, many of us come into horticulture from former careers and the have developed skills in other fields, which are useful to others. For example, marketing, haulage, engineering, and so on.
Members who are happy to share their knowledge and experience are invited to contact
Mel Collins to find out how they can get involved.

Digital Workshop: 13th March 2014
Organised by Chris Phillips, this event looked at the importance of harnessing the digital world to promote our businesses. Attendees were given information on products and services designed to help them harness the power of the Internet, according to the needs of their business. They were able to pick the brains of professionals working to deliver such services and there were a lot of very useful pointers shared.
It was good to be able to apply a horticultural slant to aspects of social media that may not appear to have any relevance. It illustrated how connected our world has become and how we can harness social media to help us communicate our products and services to a wider, more diverse audience.

'Making Showing More Viable' in 2013
This seminar was designed to investigate ways in which to make exhibiting at shows more profitable for all involved. Over the years exhibitors have watched as show organisers have moved in the direction of garden centres, trying to make their events more relevant to a wider audience, rather than playing to their horticultural strengths. This homogenisation of flower shows has diluted the horticultural content to such an extent, they are alienating the gardening public.
A full report of the seminar is available from Mel Collins

'Help Us to Help You' survey in 2012

This short survey highlighted some very important issues for members experiencing one of the worse trading years in memory. A full report of the survey is available from Mel Collins.

Virtual Flower Show website
This initiative did not result in take up from the members, so it has ended and the lessons learned now inform future plans for on-line support of members.

HEA accredited initiatives

Buy With Confidence
This 'Quality Assurance' scheme is open to all members, who are encouraged to use the logo within their exhibit space at shows.
It indicates that this exhibitor has undertaken to abide by the HEA code of conduct in their relationship with all customers.

From my Nursery to Your Garden
Initiated in support of various 'Buy British' schemes, the HEA launched it's own branding to indicate nurseries who grow at least 70% of the plants they offer for sale in the UK.

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